As a bookshop focused on history, we realize that sometimes it jumps out of the books and finds us. A motte and bailey castle is, as the name suggests, made up of two parts: the motte and the bailey. The motte is a raised mound or earthwork with a stone or wooden keep (a fortified tower) on top. The motte-and-bailey castle was a true European innovation. An argument that relies on this rhetorical ploy–that gets to avoid defending its weakest points, and obscures differences and logical links between different beliefs–is exactly what we … Their construction was the start of what was to become a … The bailey is a courtyard enclosed and protected by a ditch and a palisade (a wall made from lare wooden stakes). The motte and bailey tactic is most dangerous when it stands in the way of legitimate, deliberation and debate. Motte and bailey castles appeared in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066.Motte and bailey castles were a common feature in England by the death of William the Conqueror in 1087. Welcome to Motte & Bailey. 104 talking about this. While the concept of ditches, ramparts, and stone walls as defensive measures is ancient, raising a motte is a medieval innovation. The Motte-and-Bailey Castles - a huge success. We are a family and dog friendly pub set in the stunning village of Pirton. Welcome to the website of Motte & Bailey. Closed for Covid-19 Outbreak.